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Our satellite location in spain

Stereopsia LATAM will take place in several places at the same time. Our partner, INMERSIVA XR (Spain), will be in charge of this satellite event.

Due to the time difference, the networking organised by INMERSIVA XR will be virtual and will take place in its Virtual Pavilion in Frame VR on Monday 18 at 20:30h.

FunMirror, the ideal interactive photocall to dynamise events and campaigns. A solution that uses Augmented Reality to introduce 3D elements in real space, through its camera and screen, allowing the user to take photos, videos, play mini-games or even pose with celebrities. FunMirror is a new way of introducing technological innovation in activities such as events and fairs, marketing actions or places such as stands or points of sale, with the aim of being a key and differentiating element for the success of brands.
Developed by DeuSens

Alice AR
Alice AR, the app that democratises Augmented Reality. Through the use of this technology, Alice AR makes it possible to show and visualise products in real space using a Smartphone or Tablet, thus boosting the marketing process and facilitating sales. Alice AR’s vocation is the democratisation of Augmented Reality as a commercial tool. Any business, from SMEs to multinationals, will have access to this technology without the need to invest in a customised development.
Developed by DeuSens

Lyceum Learning
Lyceum Learning is an educational platform based on immersion, interaction and direct learning. Thanks to VR technology, young people can put themselves in the shoes of explorers in search of all the knowledge of humanity.
Focused on content: linked to the academic curriculum, narrative and gamified; it is accessible to any school, allowing full monitoring of the student, even for teachers with less technical knowledge.
Developed by Lyceum VR

Occupational Risk Prevention Simulator for Construction
The experience focuses on quickly and safely training the different workers who have to work on a construction site (bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, etc.). To do this, the user must carry out a series of tasks, equip themselves with the necessary protective equipment and identify the different risk factors in their environment. At the end, they will receive an assessment and will be able to discover some of the possible consequences of a safety failure on site.
Developed by Isostopy

Aurora VR
Aurora is a design inspection and validation software that allows you to manipulate and analyse 3D projects in a completely immersive way, thanks to Virtual Reality. It is a solution that allows products to be presented before they are manufactured, speeding up the identification of problems and errors in the design, increasing iterations and reducing physical prototypes.
Developed by INVELON

Travel to old Arabia
Travel to the ancient city of Riyadh and interact with the typical and heritage elements and objects of the culture. Walk through its streets and discover how they lived years ago.
Developed by Ibercover Studio

Meet General Cristóbal de Mondragón
Discover this historical character who welcomes you to the Toledo Army Museum with the aim of recovering and re-imagining historical facts and milestones that thanks to this technology become reality.
Developed by Ibercover Studio

Welcome to Hawsabah
Welcome to Hawsabah, an international company based in Saudi Arabia, dedicated to the commercialisation of hardware, devices and 2D and 3D audiovisual content to make your experiences richer, more immersive and creative.
Developed by Ibercover Studio.


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