Stereopsia Latam-Paulina-DONOSO

UDLA / Multifest

Paulina Donoso is the director of the international VR and AR festival Multifest. She is the director of the Multimedia and Audiovisual Production Degree at Universidad de las Américas UDLA. She is finishing her PHD in Communication at the Universidad Austral, in Argentina, researching script analysis in political documentary film. She has a Master's degree from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania in social work and specialization in NGO management and a Bachelor's degree in social communication with emphasis in development from the Salesian University of Ecuador. She is currently an official member of the Academy of Audiovisual and Cinematographic Arts of Ecuador. She was technical director of the National Film Council of Ecuador. She is an expert in scriptwriting and directing short films and music videos. She also teaches documentary film, literary scriptwriting and technical scriptwriting.