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Thematic conferences

Building on its international networks built over the past 12 years, Stereopsia LATAM will host during two days many international experts from North and South America and from Europe to present the latest developments and challenges of XR technologies and its applications in ever-increasing fields.

Of course, a strong emphasis will be placed on the specific concerns of the South American continent. These conferences will be particularly interactive, often with discussion panels open to the public present in Santiago, but also by videoconference with several satellite locations installed in a number of Latin American cities.

    We can already announce the following themes which will be featured in the program:

    • The use of XR technologies to increase the efficiency of industrial processes in the mining sector
    • The use of XR in medical treatments and surgery
    • The evolution of telecommunication networks to facilitate access to XR content (5G, Cloud computing, ...)
    • How should human beings be represented in virtual worlds to reduce travels and personal contacts?
    • The use of XR to ensure a fast and safe training for dangerous jobs or professions exposed to natural hazards