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The Booster Latam

  • 8 April 2020
  • 9 April 2020

The Booster Latam is a unique springboard for innovative filmmakers with an immersive 3D/XR project in development.

The Booster is a 2-days program starting with an intensive, small-group, hands-on training led by international experts to master the art of pitching, get the latest insights & trends for the XR contents, industry and market, be at the forefront of the XR technologies and learn how to develop and finance a XR project.

The Booster also offers its participants the opportunity to pitch their project to a jury of potential partners, co-producers, distributors and film funds, network in many socials, create new business opportunities by participating to one-to-one meetings and compete for the Booster Award.

Previous editions in Europe gathered projects coming from USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kenya and Philippines.

Important documents

You’ll find below the Call for Projects and the Regulations for The Booster Latam 2021. The Call for Projects describes the scope of The Booster Latam and, gives important dates.

  • Call for Projects (as soon as available)
  • Regulations (as soon as available)
  • Submission form (as soon as available)

Overview of the regulations


To be eligible to participate to The Booster Latam, the candidate Producer must be at least one of the following:

  1. An experienced S-3D/XR producer (for any of the types of contents listed in Article 4).
  2. An experienced 2D producer who would like to make the often-difficult transition to S-3D / XR for some of his projects.
  3. A person with a limited experience in production, but with a demonstrated artistic ability, such as a director or an artist.

The candidate Producer must demonstrate, at the time of submission of his project, his proficiency in English, both oral and written. The Organizers reserve the right to decline a Producer if his proficiency in English is not sufficient to present his project.

The Booster is exclusively dedicated to projects for stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) immersive contents.
Three categories of immersive S-3D contents are of primary interest:

  • contents that are intended for theatrical release;
  • contents that are intended for XR devices/platforms/experiences;
  • contents that are intended for immersive experiences/installations.

All contents must also have significant international sales potential.
Gaming experiences are not eligible to The Booster.


All persons attending The Booster must be properly registered. As a general rule, registration means the payment of the appropriate registration fee.

More information here soon.